Gregory DiRienzo, ​founder and chief executive of New Life Cancer Centers is pleased to announce the grand opening of Integrative Cancer Centers America in Baja California, just a few minute drive from San Diego, CA. ​

This facility is ​the first of several clinics committed to the treatment of Stage 3 and Stage 4 solid tumor cancers. Our treatments have been designed to incorporate cutting edge protocols administered by world class, seasoned doctors. ICCA is committed to focusing on extending the quality of patient life while working with utmost safety and efficiency.

Integrative Cancer Centers of America is comprised of experienced cancer specialists who have focused their careers designing and perfecting a vast array of novel and minimally invasive protocols. These practices integrate the best of clinically tested alternative, integrative and complementary therapies, including conventional standard cancer therapies where indicated.

Integrative Cancer Centers America introduces Conexus, a clinically proven next generation precision tumor-targeted immuno-modulated protocol. Conexus administration utilizes select oxidants and non-toxic cancer fighting medicines via an intricate method that "insults" solid tumor growth.

To learn more, please visit our Integrative Cancer Center America website at